Hurth Ruler

This measuring device is a newly developed tool for tailoring in industry, crafts and hobbies. It is universally applicable for taking measurements for a variety of clothing construction systems.
The measurement tool comprises a longer and a shorter leg which are rotatably riveted to each other. A third short leg can be slid on one of the longer legs or on the double end of the two connected legs. It can thus measure lengths, distances, depths, angles and diameters easily and efficiently.

The genius and novelty of this measurement angle is the flexibility of the plastic material. The legs can follow the body contour, as the plastic can be bent around.

Which measurement options are there?

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Here is a link to a PDF file [14.747 KB] that explains more about how to use the ruler,
and here a PDF file that shows how to measure shoulder-measurements. [411 KB]

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